Redsonic Dub System
Redsonic Dub System image
Redsonic Dub System is an electric fire rocking machine. Furthermore, it is an expression of musical freedom, the culmination of a long musical journey, and some say, the birth of a brand new style. Heavy drum and bass and synths galore in a dub and electronica style, with a punk attitude and a new flavor to boost a sonic palate that ranges from science fiction to rock. Redsonic brings a punk rock vibe into dub and reggae in a fluid and militant approach to analog electronica music. Grooves good to dance, travel, or close your eyes and journey into space, your preference. As if The Clash, Lee Perry and Juan Atkins got together and jammed inna rubadub style more or less, would be a proper description for Redsonic Dub System's sound and vibes. Let's not forget the catchy and relevant lyrics, mixing having a good time and conscious mind, all in the range of an experienced life learner and veteran spiritual soldier. Redsonic uses English and Spanish to get across a message of unity and peace, toasting, singing and rapping to add more power to the fire. Redsonic Dud System is a vibe, an experience and a journey in a unique rocking sonic universe. In other words, lightful and joyful..