Redsonic Dub System
Redsonic 313 Rocking the dub.
Redsonic 313 Rocking the dub. image

Redsonic 313 Rocking the dub.


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Redsonic 313
Electric Fire Rock, that is the only way to describe Redsonic 313. That drummer sure has a heavy hand, the bass steps like a fully grown elephant, the synths and effects are connected to some galaxy far away, and the guitar…yeah the guitar is just sr. Kul (Waldo Valenzuela) taking us all into unknown joyful sonic corners of the universe. Another man and machine track, combining analog sounds with rocking guitars into a rock anthem like track, under Kutral Dub’s production umbrella. In summary, Redsonic 313 is the new sound in town…Electric Fire Rock. Made in California to rock the world.